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Friday, May 23, 2008

Being a Busy Beaver

Just a quick look at all the adventures my Mac is "counting down" to at the moment. Should be a pretty wild summer this year, and next year is shaping up well, too -- I've already got a trip planned to return to Japan at the end of June '09.

My current "countdowns"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wild Nights on the Town

Picture 1

My youngest cousin, who just turned 20, got married this weekend. Then yesterday, my brother turned 30. Things like this make me start to feel like I'm getting a little old. In order to wage war on this unpleasant sensation, I've been actively spending wasting less time working and more time going out with my friends. (I've also been playing a lot of MarioKart on the Wii, but that's a story for another post.)

In our recent adventures, the gang and I have been playing some Beerball when the weather's nice and getting out of town when it's not. Last week we were quite fortunate to score tickets to a Flight of the Conchords gig in Ann Arbor, which evolved into a pretty epic night. Really, anything that involves a parking garage just screams: "High jinx on the horizon!" Throw a couple of the most creative people I know in the car, reunite some long lost buddies, add a dash of sexual tension, and let the good times roll! I've found that most evenings I spend in Ann Arbor end up this way and have resolved to get over there more frequently, especially with the summer coming up.

I'd hardly heard any Conchords' songs before we went to the show and just sort of went along because my friends wanted to go, but I found the boys pretty damn entertaining. Here's a taste, in case you haven't seen much of them yet:

"You could be a part-time model..."

So the Conchords are a new love of mine. An old love of mine is comedian Eddie Izzard, whom I finally had the opportunity to see live last night at the Detroit Opera House. There was also a Tigers game on, so we ended up having to park several blocks away and walk, which adds flavor to any evening in downtown Detroit, but once we got to the theater, all was well. We laughed 'til our guts hurt. I love Eddie Izzard because he's clever, which is my favorite trait in any human being, and he's especially clever when it comes to matters of language. Last night he did this bit about Latin and how complicated it must have been even for the Romans. I won't tell you the details -- particularly because I know my little sis is going to see him in Nashville in a few weeks, and she'd murder me if I spoiled any of it -- but I will tell you that it's awesome and well worth getting out to see. No good videos of his new stuff are out yet, so here's an old classic:

Thursday, May 1, 2008