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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Turning of the Tide

So let's get back to the real focus of this blog -- my return from japan and the subsequent adventures and misadventures.

I finally got a job, but it was not the job I wanted. I spent approximately two weeks figuring out the curriculum for the alternative school math program, which is done entirely via computer as all the kids are at slightly varying levels of ability and giving a damn.

The day before the commencement of the school year -- mere hours before I'm supposed to show up and start working -- I bump into the district superintendent. He has news.

"Miss G" he says "has anybody in my office called you?"

"No. Called me about what, sir?"

"Well, we've got an opening in the English department at the high school and we want you in it."

"O, really, sir? I thought the high school didn't need any more English teachers..."

"We didn't, but now we do. What do you say?"

"Um, sure, of course, sir. That would be fantastic. Thank you."

And that was how quickly the tide turned. When I showed up early the next morning at the high school, they had a schedule all set for me -- a combination of honors level sophomores and fair-to-middling juniors. Of course, it meant that the past two weeks I'd spent preparing to teach math were now in vain and, as far as lesson planning goes, I'd spend the rest of the semester about half a step in front of the kids. A small price to pay indeed.

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