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Sunday, February 24, 2008

And the Oscar for Psychic Powers Goes to...

One of my odd flukes is that I don't own a TV. I have absolutely no place in my life for one, as I find most television shows utterly useless and my Macca is more than sufficient for watching an occasional film and keeping up with the news. This lack of TV typically ensures that I'm never so much as grazed by the avant garde of mainstream pop culture, and all the things I do watch, read, or listen to come from only two sources: the recommendations of trusted colleagues and the raw pull of my own splangkna.

About a week and a half ago, I was wandering aimlessly through a video store balancing precariously on the edge of despair when I saw a cover that had a guy with a guitar on it. I generally like guys with guitars, so I picked it up, skimmed the back, and decided to rent it. I'd never heard of "Once" before that, but I fell instantly in love with it and started recommending it to everybody I knew. None of them had heard of it either. I also recommended it to you and posted my favorite song -- "Falling Slowly" -- right here on my blog. (See previous entry.)

Well, folks, I'm proud to tell you that only moments ago, "Falling Slowly" was awarded this year's Oscar for Best Original Song. Did I call that or what?

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Jack said...

that song is AWESOME