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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

London, Day 4.5 -- PS, re: Roommates

In all the excitement of regaling you with our adventures, I nearly forgot to make note of the shifting roommate situation. After the first night, Naked French Guy vanished into the sunset, so the second night, it was just Aussie David and the four of us girls (myself, S, Anna, and Lauren).


Tuesday, Lauren went home and David left to go stay with a friend, and Wednesday Anna moved to a hostel on the other side of town -- though we met up with both Anna and Dave throughout the week for various shenanigans. In their place came an Argentinian guy called Diago. Being from Argentina is cool, and his presence afforded S and I a chance to hone our EspaƱol skillz. The only problem with Diago was that he didn't come alone. He brought his mom.

Yeah, to a youth hostel.

Awkward, at best, but extra hilarious because of this sign that was posted in several locations in the kitchen/dining room:


I don't know if this means Diago didn't have to wash his own dishes, or maybe his mom was supposed to wash all of our dishes...? Who can say for certain? All we really know is that a youth hostel is not exactly a family atmosphere, buddy, and perhaps next time your mom comes from Argentina to visit you in Europe, you could try to come off as not quite so cheap. Or at the very least, get a private room.

It could have been worse though. At least nobody was naked while Mom was there.

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