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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Indecision '08

I'm not normally one to get into politics (or Matt Damon), but my friends (mostly my religious friends) are all getting up-in-arms over this video at the moment...

Irrelevant remarks about dinosaurs aside, Damon's point that Palin is a wild card is valid. We really haven't seen her in leadership enough to know who she is or what she's about. I think she's been chosen for two reasons 1) she's a young woman, which they're hoping will sway young voters and Clinton supporters, and 2) she's deeply religious, which should appeal to those on the right who think McCain is too socially liberal.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm not about to vote for someone based on what religious beliefs he or she claims to hold any more than I'd choose my heart surgeon based on whether I thought he was a nice guy. Show me training, skill, and experience. Show me an intricate knowledge of foreign & domestic policies, a history of prudent financial decisions, a deep thirst for justice, and a stomach strong enough to take the world's scrutiny. I'm glad Sarah Palin loves Jesus, but I know a lot of people who love Jesus and still aren't qualified to lead the free world.

I'm right with Damon on this one, especially that priceless Disney movie analogy. I just do not care what a swell gal Palin is. She has no business being in a national executive office.

And that is all I wish to say about this election.


mick said...

As I said before I think the issue is that he's blatantly attacking a young earth viewpoint saying that if you believe in a young earth you're an idiot and unfit to lead. He's judging her based on her religious beliefs which, I think, is biased and elitist.

G said...

I disagree, Mick. The dinosaurs are not the issue. The issue is Sarah Palin's ability to fulfill the duties of the president at a time when the country is struggling to come to grips with global climate change, suffering economically, and deeply entrenched in a very complex war. You may not like Damon's approach, but the core of his argument is sound.

Anonymous said...

omg, i love jon stewart!

neverbelieve said...

I think it's quite amusing that Hollywood actors' opinions are treated as gospel. :P

I saw a quote the other day, 'Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is "qualified" in my eyes. She is a Christian, pro-life and pro-guns, she loves her country and will defend it.' Bar the final points, that illustrates just how different the USA is to the UK.

It's not just that someone with those credentials could not get close to politics, it's that such things are non-issues here. Religion is thankfully in terminal decline and abortion is taken as a fundamental right and not questionable.

European opinion is such that with guns being largely illegal is that at least only a minority of morons/criminals can get hold of them, rather than society at large. You only need guns to defend yourself against other people with guns and that's only a guaranteed certainty where anyone can get hold of them. The right to keep arms is only talked up so serve the weapons industry.

McCain seems a good candidate, shame his VP makes Bush look like an intellectual superior. That's worrying.

Oh and to conclude this seemingly neverending comment, a 'belief in a young earth' is quite simply wrong. If acknowledging fact makes you elitist, then that truly is a worry.

G said...

haha, i think "gospel" is much too strong a word to throw at matt damon, but celebrities do have a way of making their opinions seem important, don't they?