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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photo Blog: Lake Huron

In honor of my grandpa, who was a professional artist, we take a week out of our summer every year to go to the lake and work on our own art projects. There's no TV, no internet, no cell phone service, not even a shower -- just the fam, the lake, and the art.

Art Camp

Lake Huron

Sarah cookin' striped yarn

My sister-in-law dyes yarn for one of her knitting projects. This batch is a U of M stripe -- blue, yellow, and white.

Who could say "no" to this face?

Who could say "no" to this face? Not me, which is why I'm an excellent aunt.

Joelo hard at work

Brother matting and framing some of his photos.

Papa at work

For his project this year, Dad took this dragon image that Grandpa had embroidered into the cuff of his Navy uniform in the Philippines and stitched it onto a cap.

Playing bubbles with daddy

Nephew loves when his daddy doesn't have to go to work and gets to play all week instead.

Bubble Camp

Playing bubbles on the beach

Bubble Camp

Making a cuppa

Making a cuppa tea.

Climbing Dad Mountain

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