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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break Phase II: Livin' the Rough Life

Very Nearly Impossible

After exhausting myself skiing, I need to go on an actual spring break to someplace with pools, palm trees, and lots of rum. The only logical solution is to go visit my aunt and uncle for a bit. They've recently finished constructing their dream home in Florida -- a lavish little number oriented around a graceful lanai. The front of the house opens up entirely to the lanai and faces a little canal, where the folks can conveniently pop down the dock for a little bout on their modest yacht. I'm sitting in the lanai at the moment, watching the sailboats passing, listening to the little frogs in the palm trees, sipping on a Rum Runner.

And snickering to myself about the snow that's still piled high at home.

I may live from paycheck to paycheck in the bitter North, but that doesn't mean I can't take advantage of my better-to-do relations in the Tropics.

The Canal

For the next few days, I intend to do very little. When I return to work, we only have two months left in the year, and it'll be a mad rush to graduation. Once summer starts, my shenanigan schedule is packed from the first of June until Labor Day. So this little pause is a welcome Calm before the Storm.



Think said...

Man, forgive me, but I am now leeching off your serene calmthness in this post :P

Work and filling every single evening with something active have taken its toll. So now I am enjoying a day off to give my mind some re-adjustment time and just read your blog entry. Meant to be!

Now for tea and climbing the ropetower in the park!


G said...

You're forgiven. But only because you said "calmthness".

Hope you had a relaxing day, Reg!

Think said...

Hahah :P I created a new word :D I was firmly convinced I had a perfectly poetic expression there.