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Monday, April 7, 2008

A Recent Development

So, as fate would have it, the bloke who S and I were going to crash with for two weeks in London a) doesn't (and won't) have a place of his own and is therefore unable to put us up, and b) won't even be in London for more than a couple days while we're there. That was a right good spot of planning, wasn't it?

No need to panic, but as the plane tickets have already been purchased, we can't simply reschedule. Instead, we'll be hoboing it in hostels and on park benches and such. Not a total disaster, but it does mean that I'll be attempting to survive for two weeks with only the contents of a small backpack.

Who knows? Maybe this will open doors to as yet unforeseen adventures. Wish me luck!

(I'm glad I still have a couple months to sort out exactly what not to pack. If you happen to be one of my faithful UK readers, please don't hesitate to offer suggestions. Thanks Ta!)

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