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Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Break Phase II: The Photo Recap


Even on vacations, I still seek to expand my mind. This time, I learned the difference between herons and egrets: there is no difference between herons and egrets. Just as I suspected! Here's a great white heron (also called a great egret) perched near our boat at Burnt Store Marina.


I will never get over sailboats. I love them. And true love lasts a lifetime.


This osprey had to be my favorite of the thousands of birds I saw this week. He literally sat on this branch for over an hour making funny faces and letting me as close to him as the terrain would allow.


"The Little Fisherman" -- another shot to add to my "Strangers' Kids" collection.


Heading to the beach at Boca Grande to play in the sun and people-watch.

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