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Friday, July 24, 2009

Beautiful Miyajima Park and Shrine

Miyajima Torii

Most people go Miyajima to see the famous torii, shown here. This is one of the three most-photographed spots in Japan, along with Mt. Fuji and Amanohashidate. When the tide is in, the whole shrine seems to be floating on top of the water -- quite a beautiful effect. I, however, really enjoy touristy spots like this because of the people-watching. Here are a few winners...

Playing at Miyajima Shrine

Little girl playing on the shrine's enormous stone lanterns

Miyajima Shrine

Japanese couple stops in front of the torii to consult a map

Japanese Tour Group at Miyajima Shrine

Photo op is side-tracked by a couple of social deer

Photographer at Miyajima Shrine

Photographer directing a crowd of uncooperative tourists

Miyajima Torii & Crane

Crane posing contemplatively in front of the torii -- He was a big hit with the photo-takers around me. I estimate several hundred shots of him were taken within the four or five minutes he was strolling around out there.

Miyajima Shrine

Japanese boy making a wish. One of the great traditions at Shinto shrines is to write your wish on one of these papers and tie it to a tree or a fence like this.

Miyajima Shrine

Canal in Miyajima

Canal and nearby shops around the back of the shrine

Josh munchin' on some tako

Sidebar about Japanese food: Josh is absolutely my hero for munching down this tako (not "taco," but "taKo" -- Japanese for "octopus") he got from a vendor at Miyajima. Way to be a culinary adventurer, Josh!

Everybody else waited until we got back to Hiroshima and the kids got to taste their first okonomiyaki, which is Japanese for "the good shit" (or, more literally, "what you like, on a grill").

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki

Okonimyaki, which is a very popular food in Kansai, is typically described as a "savory pancake containing cabbage, eggs, flour, pork, and a variety of other ingredients." The Hiroshima version, seen here, also features noodles and MAGIC. The kids did indeed like it, and it became their unanimous new favorite Japanese food.

We Love Okonomiyaki

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