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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Second Day in Nagasaki: Glover Gardens

Hilly terrain outside Nagasaki

Nestled in the mountains, Nagasaki is a tremendously beautiful city. In some places, the roads are so steep that the houses are virtually built on top of, rather than next to, each other.

Strolling thru Nagasaki

The steep streets in the old European district, called "Hollander Slopes" after the Dutch merchants who lived there, are lined with little shops, perfect for strolling and window-shopping.

Oldest church in the Orient

Built in 1856, Oura Catholic Church in Nagasaki is the oldest Christian church in the Orient. It is also called The Church of the 26 Martyrs and faces Nishizaka hill, where twenty-six Christian martyrs were crucified by the local shogun in 1597. The church is known worldwide as a symbol of surviving religious persecution.

Strolling thru Nagasaki

Glover Garden

We also enjoyed Glover Garden, built on the estate of Scottish entrepreneur Thomas Glover. The house has been converted into a museum, and the surrounding gardens are exquisite.

Glover Garden

Glover Garden

Glover Garden

Glover Garden

My boys get into the macro zoom. Ah, they make me proud!

Glover Garden

The same night, we walked around near our hotel, hit up a karaoke parlor, and got ourselves some takoyaki.

Spot those NOVA signs!

Gotta love those NOVA signs. O, how they haunt me!

Buying takoyaki

The kids loved the octopus balls so much they bought a few more to have for fourth meal at the hotel.

Ryan hearts pachinko

We thought it appropriate to make one more stop in a pachinko parlor before we went home so that Ryan could blow the rest of his yen.

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