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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kyoto Photo Blog

A few more photos from our painfully brief stay in Kyoto this summer...

Empty shops waiting for the tourists

Fushimi Inari Taisha

Hand-washing basin at Fushimi Inari

Hand-washing basins are part of the symbolic purification before entering the shrine. They also provide exceptional photo ops as they typically combine water, stone, wood, and light.

Hand-washing basin

Hand-washing basin

Stone lantern

Fushimi Inari features a four kilometer hike up a trail arched with orange tori. An absolute must-see in Kyoto any time of year.

Shinto priest

Two roads diverging in a wood

Workers prepping the torii for festival

Kiyomizu-Dera -- Pure Water Temple

Foreigners trying to look cool

Watching other gaijin make a scene never gets old. This French guy and his buddies were doing a martial arts photo shoot in front of the main gate at Kiyomizu-Dera.

Japanese Joinery

Japanese joinery is the best way to earth-quake proof your ancient wooden structure.

The spring, taken from the main stage, Kiyomizu Dera, Kyoto

The Kiyomizu spring is renown for the purity of its water. Take a sip! It's lucky!

Kiyomizu Dera, Kyoto

Kiyomizu Dera, Kyoto

Workers placing new pillars, Kiyomizu Dera, Kyoto

Sprucing up the temple grounds in preparation for Matsuri.

Tea room
Tea house with a fantastic view.

Kinkakuji -- The Golden Pavilion

Kinkakuji Gardens and Grounds

Kinkakuji and the surrounding gardens are a perfect place to go when you have a long afternoon to spend in quiet, reflective solitude. It loses a bit of its luster when you're corralling teenagers, but I was able to wander off on my own for a few minutes and enjoy a brief shot of the stillness.


Wrap it all up with a cold brew in a cozy bar, and you've got the perfect day.

Mmm, Japanese bars


Anonymous said...

I get lost in your photos. Incredible.

G said...

Well arigato, Nameless One. Glad you dig 'em!

Anonymous said...

well.. it's like I said!